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On the modeling of passing ship effects

AuthorsBunnik, T.H.J. and Toxopeus, S.L.
Conference/Journal26th International Workshop on Water Waves and Floating Bodies (IWWWFB)
DateApr 22, 2011

This paper presents a method to compute the effect of passing ships on moored ships. A comparison is made with model tests for a ship passing a moored ship along a quay at various drift angles. Results are shown for the traditional method (potential flow disturbance) and for the considerably improved method (RANS disturbance).


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manoeuvring and nautical studiesstability, seakeeping and ocean engineeringcfd developmentcfd/simulation/desk studiestime-domain simulationsmanoeuvringrenewablesoil and gasinfrastructuredefencepassengers and yachtingtransport and shippingresearch and developmentmooring and offloadingsimulationresearch