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Numerical Analysis of Flettner Rotors Performances on the MARIN Hybrid Transition Coaster

AuthorsGarenaux, M., Schot, J., Eggers, R.
Conference/JournalHigh-Performance Marine Vehicles (HIPER), Cortona, Italy
Date12 Oct 2020
This paper presents a numerical study of the aerodynamic performances of Flettner rotors on the MARIN Hybrid Transition Coaster (MHTC) at full scale Reynolds numbers. The effects of the interac-tion between the MARIN Hybrid Transition Coaster (MHTC) and its three Flettner rotors are investi-gated. Large interaction effects are found to depend on both the spin ratio and the apparent wind angle. It is therefore concluded that these interactions cannot be omitted. A model based on the thrust identity approach together with a correction for the effective apparent wind angle is proposed to correct the performance of free standing Flettner rotor to the performance of a rotor on the deck of the vessel.


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Joost Schot

Project Manager

Rogier Eggers

Senior Project Manager

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