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New Methods and Insights in Advanced and Realistic Basin Wave Modelling

AuthorsChristian Schmittner, Jule Scharnke, Willemijn Pauw, Joris van den Berg, Janou Hennig
Conference/JournalOMAE ASME 32nd International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering, Nantes, France
DateJun 9, 2013

For model tests, the correct generation of the most realisticrepresentation of the natural wave field is of greatest importanceas the environmental conditions denote the starting point for allfollowing analyses of any behaviour of a marine structure. Thus,it has to be defined first what 'reality' is, followed by a thoroughanalysis of the inherent limitations of basin wave fields. Furthermore,all realistic aspects of the wave field have to be modelledat sufficient accuracy involving the wave maker control,flap geometries and appropriate analysis techniques. This papergives an overview of the most recent developments in advancedbasin wave modelling including a wide range of aspects as realisticwave spreading, deterministic wave generation, focusingwaves, directional wave analysis, spurious waves and shallowwater wave generation.


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stability, seakeeping and ocean engineeringwaves, impacts and hydrostructuralmeasurements and controldata sciencerenewablesoil and gasinfrastructuremarine systemslife at seaseakeepingmodel testingresearch and developmentwave measurementswavesoffshore engineeringresearch