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New collision damage calculation tool used for quantitative risk analysis for LNG import terminal

AuthorsH. Bogaert, B. Boon
Conference/JournalICCGS, Hamburg
DateSep 23, 2007

A new collision damage calculation tool which can beused for quantitative risk analysis for LNG import terminalsis outlined in this paper. Within a historicalframework of collision analysis the need of developinga new tool, named MARCOL, is formulated. The functionof MARCOL in a recently performed safety assessmentfor a new LNG terminal is demonstrated in thepaper. In addition the paper describes step by step themain elements of the tool. Several results of MARCOLcalculations are given. Finally the paper focuses onvalidation of the tool against available full scale test.Although MARCOL has been found adequate for riskanalysis the paper ends with several recommendationsfor further refinements and extensions.


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