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Mechanisms and physics leading to the capsize of damaged ships

AuthorsKat, J.O. de, Veer, R. van ’t
Conference/Journal5th International Workshop on Stability and Operational Safety of Ships, Trieste, Italy
Date1 Jan 2001
This paper focuses on the characteristics of flooding and capsizing of different types of ships. For ro-ro ferries the paper discusses transient flooding in calm water and in waves, including the influence of cross flooding arrangements. Furthermore the progressive flooding and capsizing in waves due to accumulation of water on the car deck are considered and how this may be influenced by the initial conditions at the time of damage occurrence. The paper dwells in some detail on fluid dynamics relevant to flooded compartments that are subjected to oscillatory motions. The capsizing process of a frigate-type ship with a high degree of subdivision is shown to differ from a damaged ro-ro ferry in waves.


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Riaan van 't Veer

Specialist Ship Hydrodynamics

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