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MARIN Model Tests - Green Seas Hatch loading on Bulk Carriers, Design and operation of bulk carriers

AuthorsG.Gaillarde (MARIN), X. Zheng (Lloyd's Register of Shipping)
Conference/JournalRoyal Institution of Naval Architects International Conference, London
DateJan 1, 2001
Marin model tests - green seas hatch loading on bulk carriers, design and operation of bulk carriers - Post M.V. Derbyshire
This paper summarises the model testing and analysis methods used by MARIN during the extensive study on hatch cover loading on recent bulk carriers. The model tests took place in 2000 and 2001 and were undertaken for two Capesize and one Panamax bulk carriers. With the aim of modeling reality with maximum of accuracy, multidirectionnal wave spectra were generated and self-propelled models were used.


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