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Manoeuvring experiments, mathematical model and sensitivity analysis for test-case ferry

AuthorsFerrari, V., Tonelli, R., Kisjes, A.S., Hallmann, R.
Conference/JournalInternational Conference on Maritime Technology and Engineering (MARTECH), Portugal, Lisbon
Date24 May 2022
This paper presents an overview of an experimental and numerical campaign for a test-case ferry. The study consisted in captive model tests, free running model tests, the derivation of a dedicated mathematical model, a sensitivity analysis of the hull coefficient sets and the validation of the time-domain simulations. The whole workflow is presented and discussed step-by-step, highlighting the most relevant aspects and results in each phase.


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Victor Ferrari

Team Leader Cruise & Ferry | Senior Project Manager

Roberto Tonelli

Senior Project Manager

Anton Kisjes

Project Manager

Rink Hallmann

Senior Project Manager

manoeuvring and nautical studiestime-domain simulationsmeasurements and controlmanoeuvringpassengers and yachtingmodel testingcfd/simulation/desk studies