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LNG carrier moored to a Jetty exposed to Waves, Swell, Unsteady Wind and Current

AuthorsChunqun, J., Wichers, J.E.W.
Conference/JournalNew Ship & Marine Technology Conference, Hong Kong, China
Date1 jan. 1998
Most term inals for tankers are piers and sea islands. while other types include sing le point moorings and multiple-bu oy mo or ings. The LNG and LPG carrier moored to the jetty is a very common termi na l for transfer of gas in open seas. It is impo rtant to estimate the motions and line tension s of the LNG carrier when it moor s to a jetty in metccean environment. Norm ally, the motions of the Lf';G carrier would be restricted by the load ing arm. which is connected to LNG carrier's manifold. An example of 125,000 003 LN G carrier mo ored to a jetty exposed to a set of environment co nditio ns is given. A mat hemati cal model which is ba sed on th e equations of mot ion in the: tim e dom ain is used to the.analysis of LNG moor ed to an ofTshore jetty exposed to waves. swell, wind an d cu rrent. By mea ns of a time domain computer program TERMSIM computations are ca rried out to determine and op timize the lay-out and / or orienta tion of the jet ty an d mooring gear in term s of forces in moo ring lines and fend ers and the en velope ofmotions of the loading arms. The purpose of this study is to det ermine the sensitivity o f the mooring system and ca rrier mot ion s to the com bina tion s of wind waves with an d without swell. steady wind an d wind spectra . The results can be: consulted by the designe r in the design ofjetties.


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