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Jores jip – A unique joint industry project to close the knowledge gap on ship hydrodynamics

AuthorsPonkratov, D., Struijk, G.D.
Conference/JournalFull Scale Ship Performance Conference, London, UK
Date24 Oct 2018

With the implementation of new environmental regulations, the shipping industry is challenged and hence highly motivated to explore new energy efficiency solutions. A well-designed ship hull, appendages, propeller and/or ESDs (Energy Saving Devices) are of paramount importance to this. Ship designers make use of Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) for their design work. While being a flexible and relatively low-cost tool, its results are subject to validation. For this a model test is often used, as it offers a wellcontrolled, physical measured value. However, the uncertainty in both scaling effects and the modeling of full-scale flow in CFD is not addressed. It is due to a lack of good full-scale data that the industry has not been able to close the loop between model tests, CFD and the full-scale reality. With this understanding, a group of key companies and research bodies have now stepped up to close this knowledge gap and propose the JoRes JIP (Joint Industry Project). JoRes JIP aims to increase the understanding of the ship hydrodynamics in full-scale by using state-of-the-art measurement techniques (PIV for propeller flow, thrust measurements by optical sensors, etc.). A comprehensive set of full scale and model scale data becomes available to the participants to base upon their further developments in designs and design tools. Further details can be found at


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Gijs Struijk

Project Manager | On Board Specialists

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