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Guidelines for inland waterways in rivers

AuthorsHove, D. ten, Koedijk, O.C.
Conference/JournalSmart Rivers 2019, Lyon, France
Date30 Sep 2019
The Dutch Rijkswaterstaat is responsible for the design, construction, management and maintenance of the main infrastructure in the Netherlands. This includes the main inland waterway network and water systems. To support the design from a traffic point of view Rijkswaterstaat developed the Waterways Guidelines in 1996, which evolved into the latest 2017 edition (RVW2017) [Ref. 1]. The RVW2017 are restricted to waterways without current or with a limited longitudinal flow velocity (less than 0.5 m/s). However, it is evident that in almost all free-flowing rivers this longitudinal flow velocity is exceeded. That is why the Rijkswaterstaat decided in 2015 to develop integral guidelines for inland waterways, including rivers. These guidelines will consist of design guidelines, tables and rules of thumb for dimensioning the waterway in a free-flowing river.
The guidelines are an extension of the existing RVW2017. The extension to rivers started in 2015 by following the same design scheme as in the existing guidelines, identifying all aspects that would change when considering flowing waters. Only these aspects were dealt with. In the next sections some aspects connected to straight river sections and bends are discussed.


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Dick ten Hove

Senior Project Manager

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