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Further computer-analyzed data of the Wageningen B-screw series

AuthorsOosterveld, M.W.C., Oossanen, P. van
Conference/JournalInternational Shipbuilding Progress
Date1 jul. 1975
In this paper the open-water characteristics of the Wageningen B-series propellers are given in polynomials for use in preliminary ship design studies by means of a computer. These polynomials were obtained with the aid of a multiple regression analysis of the original open-water test data of the 120propeller models comprising the B-series. All test data was corrected for Reynolds effects by means of an'equivalent profile' method developed by Lerbs. For this Reynolds number effect additional polynomials are given. Criteria are included to facilitate the choice of expanded blade area and blade thickness. Finally, a number of new type of diagrams.are given with which the optimum diameter and optimum RPM can easily be determined.


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