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Full scale wave and whipping induced hull girder loads

AuthorsAalberts P.J. and Nieuwenhuijs M.W.
Conference/JournalHydroelasticity in Marine Technology, Wuxi, China
DateJan 1, 2006

One year full scale measurements available from a general cargo/container vessel were analyzed to determine the effect of whipping on fatigue for a vessel with hull flare and bow flare as the Victoriaborg. The measurements utilized comprise the global strains in the midship region. From the global strains and ship's geometric properties the hull girder bending moments were determined using a simple beam model. The wave and whipping induced hull girder bending moments and stress records were analyzed in detail.


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stability, seakeeping and ocean engineeringwaves, impacts and hydrostructuralseakeepingtransport and shippingmonitoringtrials and monitoringextreme conditionsfatigueloads and responsesspringingstructural responsefull scale