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Free-Surface Flow Modelling with Interface Capturing Techniques

AuthorsHoekstra, M., Vaz, G., Abeil, B., Bunnik, T.
Conference/JournalInternational Conference on Computational Methods in Marine Engineering (MARINE 2007), Barcelona, Spain
Date1 Jun 2007

MARIN, HSVA and TUHH are jointly developing the RANS-code FRESCO. The freesurface modelling part of the code is based on interface capturing. Results with well-known discretization schemes, like CICSAM and HRIC, are presented for artificial benchmark problems and two dam-break problems. They will be compared with experimental data as well as results obtained with an alternative code, based on interface tracking. A critical evaluation is finally given, leading to the conclusion that the interface capturing scheme in FRESCO should not be governed by the Courant number


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stability, seakeeping and ocean engineeringwaves, impacts and hydrostructuralcfd developmentcfd/simulation/desk studiestime-domain simulationsrenewablesoil and gasinfrastructuremarine systemslife at searesearch and developmentloads and responsesmotionssimulationsoffshore engineeringresearch