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External Hydrodynamic Loads on the Shaft of Azimuthing Thrusters and Podded Propulsors

AuthorsJie Dang, Joris Brouwer (MARIN)
Conference/Journal14th SNAME Propellers and Shafting Symposium, Norfolk, VA
DateSep 15, 2015

External hydrodynamic loads on azimuthing thrusters and podded propulsors are found to be one of the major sources that causes mechanical damages, based on the studies and statistics from the classification societies. One of the reasons for the mechanical failures is simply lack of knowledge of the loads, both for their static mean values as well as for their dynamic fluctuations (Dang et al., 2013a & Dang, 2014), for which limited study has been carried out and information in the public domain is scarce (Oosterveld & van Oortmerssen, 1972 & Kozlowska et al., 2011).To help the industry to understand the external loads, to determine the scantling conditions for their designs, to avoid excessive loads during operations and to assist full-scale tests in the workshop, MARIN has initiated a series of Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) in the past and has been leading a few EU research projects to understand the physics, to gain systematic loads data, and to search for peak load events. Alongside those cooperative research projects, commercial contractual studies contribute also a lot to the understanding of the dynamic loads.


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