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Exciting a cavitating tip vortex with synthetic inflow turbulence: A CFD analysis of vortex kinematics, dynamics and sound generation

AuthorsKlapwijk, M., Lloyd, T., Vaz, G., Boogaard, M. van den, Terwisga, T. van
Conference/JournalOcean Engineering
DateJun 15, 2022
Cavitating tip vortices are one of the main contributors to underwater radiated noise (URN). To predict URN
and evaluate propeller designs, it is necessary to predict cavity dynamics. To this end, a tip vortex generated by
an elliptical wing is simulated in wetted and cavitating conditions, using scale-resolving simulations. The vortex
is excited by synthetic inflow turbulence with varying inflow turbulence intensities. Vortex kinematics and
cavity dynamics are analysed, and validated against experiments and a semi-analytical model from literature.
The far-field radiated noise is analysed using an acoustic analogy. Using a background noise correction, the
sound due to inflow turbulence is removed, and the sound due to cavity dynamics is isolated. Based on the
sound spectra, the main noise generating mechanisms are identified. Cavitating simulations predict an increase
in far-field radiated noise of approximately 15 dB, while doubling the inflow turbulence intensity results in
an increase of approximately 10 dB.


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cavitationpropeller design