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Efficient Methods to Compute Steady Ship Viscous Flow with Free Surface

AuthorsRaven, H.C., Starke, A.R.
Conference/Journal24th Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics, Fukuoka, Japan
Date8 Jul 2002
The computation of the steady viscous flow with free surface around a ship hull is addressed.

To improve its practical applicability, two different alternative methods are proposed:
• a ’composite approach’ in which the wave surface is computed beforehand using an inviscidflow approximation;
• a new formulation which permits to solve the viscous free-surface problem by iteration, without time integration.

The former method is practical, provides accurate predictions of many flow features, but neglects viscous effects on the wave pattern. Applications are shown to the KCS test case, and to a case with wave-induced flow separation.
The latter method solves the complete freesurface RANS problem by an unconventional approach which removes several difficulties and promises significant reductions of computation time and complexity. Results are shown for a 2D bottom bump, a 3D pressure patch and a Series 60 case.


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Bram Starke

CFD Researcher

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