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Development and application of a new three components PIV system (3C-PIV designed for towing tank applications

AuthorsDautel, J., Martigny, D., Corrignan, Ph., Tukker, J.
Conference/Journal10th days of hydrodynamics, Nantes, France
Date1 Jan 2005
The collection of fine experimental data is a constant need for the validation of CFD codes. The experimental techniques currently applied in hydrodynamic test facilities for the measurement of 3D velocity fields are generally intrusive (Pitot tube, propeller-type flow meter, hot wires) and/or time and resource consuming (Laser Doppler Velocimetry). In this context, the Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is very interesting since it is non intrusive and it delivers data over a plane at each measurement. Two component PIV systems, delivering the two in-plane velocity components, already exist and start to be used in basins. However, their range of application remains limited. They cannot operate correctly in tri-dimensional


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sustainable propulsionwaves, impacts and hydrostructuralmeasurements and controldata scienceresistance and propulsionmarine systemsmodel testinghull form optimisationpropeller designvortex induced vibrations (viv)