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Design for service in ferry-design

AuthorsDallinga, R.P., Loeff, G.B. and Thill, C.
Conference/JournalHPMV 3rd International Conference on High Performance Marine Vessels
DateApr 1, 2003

Design for service has been an important focus in the development of our knowledge and related design tools. In our contribution to the conference we will highlight recent developments in insight and tools in this area.


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manoeuvring and nautical studiesstability, seakeeping and ocean engineeringsustainable propulsioncfd developmentcfd/simulation/desk studiesmeasurements and controldata sciencetime-domain simulationsmanoeuvringresistance and propulsioninfrastructurepoweringseakeepingdefencepassengers and yachtingtransport and shippingmodel testingperformance based assessmentseakeeping performancespeed/power performancesimulation