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Comparison of uRANS and BEM-BEM for propeller pressure pulse prediction: E779A propeller in a cavitation tunnel

AuthorsPerali, P., Lloyd, T. and Vaz, G.
Conference/Journal19th Numerical Towing Tank Symposium (NuTTS), Saint-Pierre-d’Oléron, France
DateOct 3, 2016

This work is a deeper investigation of the wetted and cavitating flow around the INSEAN E779A propeller in a cavitation tunnel as studied within the CRS SHARCS working group (Vaz et al., 2015).


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sustainable propulsioncfd developmentcfd/simulation/desk studiestime-domain simulationsresistance and propulsionmarine systemsdefencepassengers and yachtingtransport and shippingresearch and developmentcavitationsimulationpropellerpropulsorresearch