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CFD Simulations and Experiments of a Submarine in Turn, Zigzag, and Surfacing Maneuvers

AuthorsCarrica, P.M., Kerkvliet, M., Quadvlieg, F., Ezequiel Martin, J.
Conference/JournalJournal of Ship Research
Date23 Dec 2021
Pages293 - 308
We present simulations and experiments of the generic submarine Joubert BB2 performing standard turn, zigzag, and surfacing maneuvers in calm water at depth. The free-sailing experiments, performed at Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN), are unique in that they present an open dataset for the community to benchmark maneuvering prediction methodologies. Computations were performed with explicitly gridded sailplanes, tail planes, and propellers using a dynamic overset technique. This study analyzes a 20-degree turning maneuver with vertical control commanding the stern planes and a 20/20 zigzag maneuver with vertical control commanding both sail and stern planes, both of them at a nominal speed of 10 knots, and a 20-degree rise maneuver with horizontal control at 12 knots. The results show that computational fluid dynamics can predict well motions and speeds for free-sailing conditions, but controller commands are harder to replicate. Computations of the rise maneuver with surfacing compare well with experiments, including a crashback maneuver to stop the submarine.

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Maarten Kerkvliet

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Senior Project Manager

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