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CFD, Potential Flow and System-Based Simulations of Fully Appended Free Running 5415M in Calm Water and Waves

AuthorsSadat-Hosseini, H., Toxopeus, S.L., Visonneau, M., Guilmineau, E., Yen, T.-G., Lin, W.-M., Grigoropoulos, G. and Stern, F.
Conference/JournalVI International Conference on Computational Methods in Marine Engineering (MARINE2015), Rome, Italy
DateJun 16, 2015
The ability of the methods to predict motions in calm water as well as in waves is investigated. In calm water, the roll decay behavior of a fully appended self-propelled free running 5415M model is investigated first. Subsequently, forced roll motions simulated by oscillating the rudders or stabilizer fins are studied. Lastly, the paper discusses comparisons between experiments and simulations in waves with varying levels of complexity, i.e. regular head waves, regular beam waves and bi-chromatic waves.


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