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Calculation Of The Flow Around The KVLCC2 Tanker - Case 1.1.a

AuthorsEça, L., Hoekstra, M., Raven, H.C.
Conference/JournalGothenburg 2010: A Workshop on CFD in Ship Hydrodynamics, Gothenburg, Sweden
Date8 Dec 2010
This paper describes the calculations performed with the RANS solver PARNASSOS (van der Ploeg et al., 2000) for the double-body flow (no gravity waves) around the KVLCC2 tanker. The aim of this study is twofold: assess the numerical (iterative and discretization) uncertainty of the predictions in H-O grids with up to about 6 million cells; demonstrate (by graphical comparisons with experimental data) the quality of the predictions with two-equation eddy-viscosity models using empirical corrections for rotation and streamline curvature effects.

It must be stated that the flow settings used in the numerical calculations (unbounded flow) are not identical to those used in the experiments (wind tunnel, bounded flow). Furthermore, we have not found any information about the experimental uncertainty. Therefore, it is not possible to make a proper validation study.


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