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AVT-301 Workshop on hydrodynamic flow around a submarine at straight flight and at incidence

AuthorsToxopeus, S.L., Bettle, M., Uroić,T., Guilmineau, E., Bordier, L., Olbert, G., Bensow, R., Petterson, K. et al.
Conference/JournalAVT-307 Research Symposium on Separated Flow: Prediction, Measurement and Assessment for Air and Sea Vehicles, Trondheim, Norway
Date7 okt. 2019
CFD techniques and HPC resources have now advanced to a level that time-dependent simulations of manoeuvring partially- or fully-submerged bodies are a tractable proposition and may be used as part of a design and optimisation process or as a means of generating input data for performance models. Building on earlier STO activities on surface-ships and aircraft, the AVT-301 RTG is assessing the ability, maturity and applicability of state-of-the art viscous flow solvers to predict the hydrodynamic performance of a manoeuvring submarine at straight flight, steady drift and during a constant-rate manoeuver. The use of a single baseline geometry and a limited number of test cases is intended to allow a thorough understanding of the fluid dynamic processes to be achieved and a high degree of information and results interchange and collaborative working between partners. This paper presents the findings of the preliminary code- and method- benchmarking exercise.

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