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Aspects of the cavitating propeller tip vortex as a source of inboard noise and vibration

AuthorsWijngaarden, E. van; Bosschers, J.; Kuiper, G.
Conference/JournalASME Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting and Exhibition, Houston, TX, USA
Date1 Jan 2005

This paper surveys fluid dynamic-acoustic mechanisms that may explain low-frequent, broadband hull excitation experienced on board of ships and caused by propeller cavitation. Observations obtained from sea trials and model scale experiments are used to describe the hydrodynamics involved in each particular mechanism. The investigations are still ongoing and aim to identify causes of broadband inboard noise and vibration on passenger vessels in the frequency range of 20 to 70 Hz.


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Erik van Wijngaarden

Senior Researcher

Johan Bosschers

Senior Researcher

noise and vibrationpropeller designhydrodynamicscavitationpropeller and cavitation