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anti-roll tank simulations with a volume of fluid (vof) based Navier-Stokes solver

AuthorsDaalen, E.G.F. van, Kleefsman, K.M.T., Gerrits, J., Luth, H.R., Veldman, A.E.P.
Conference/JournalSymposium on Naval Hydrodynamics, Val de Reuil, France
Date1 Jan 2000

Results of computer simulations of the water motion in ship anti-roll tanks are compared with experimental data. The numerical computations are done with a Volume Of Fluid (VOF) based NavierStokes solver. Both free-surface anti-roll tanks and U-tube anti-roll tanks are considered. Calculated and measured results for the local wave heights, the sway force and roll moment are presented for both regular and irregular tank motions. A simple but effective simulation model for the active control of U-tube anti-roll tanks is introduced. Finally, the fully nonlinear time-domain coupling of the ship motion and the tank water motion is established.


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Ed van Daalen

Senior Researcher