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Advanced and future hydrodynamic optimisation tools in sail yacht design

AuthorsRidder de E.J. and Gaillarde G.
Conference/JournalMDY Madrid Design Yacht 06
DateJan 1, 2006

Advanced and future hydrodynamic optimisation tools in sail yacht design.Since the beginning of high level sailing events, like the America's Cup and Volvo Ocean Race, designers have used a varied and increasing set of techniques on the experimental and later on the numerical field in design sailing yachts. This paper will give the latest developments for the different fields at MARIN.In the field of CFD calculations, the program RAPID has been extended with a sailing yacht module, which solves the exact, fully non-linear potential flow problem by an iterative procedure. This paper highlights the comparison of CFD results with some experimental results, for a small range of different sailing yacht designs.


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stability, seakeeping and ocean engineeringsustainable propulsionmeasurements and controldata scienceresistance and propulsionlife at seapoweringseakeepingdefencepassengers and yachtingmodel testingcomforthull form optimisationmotionspropulsion