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A criterion for the erosiveness of face cavitation

AuthorsMoulijn, J.C., Friesch, J., Van Genderen, M., Junglewitz, A., Kuiper, G.
Conference/JournalSixth International Symposium on Cavitation (CAV 2006), Wageningen, The Netherlands
Date1 sep. 2006
Reading time6 minutes
This paper presents new insights into the erosiveness of face cavitation on ship propellers. It discusses the following aspects: a conceptual description of a criterion for the erosiveness of face cavitation, results of full-scale cavitation observations of the propeller of the multi purpose RoRo container vessel NDS Provider which suffers from face cavitation and the results of the calculations. The criterion is applied to the computational results. It appears that the criterion indeed indicates erosive face cavitation.
The paper also presents results of a leading edge modification that was carried out to the blades of a sister ship of NDS Provider. For this modified blade the figures of the face cavitation erosion criterion have significantly improved. The erosion pattern after eight months of service shows a similar improvement.
In the end it can be concluded that the face cavitation erosion criterion is a very promising tool for the prediction of the erosiveness of face cavitation. It gives an accurate indication of the erosiveness of the face cavitation on the blades of NDS Provider.


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Jie Dang

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