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A Contribution for the Assessment of Discretization Error Estimators Based on Grid Refinement Studies

AuthorsEça, L., Vaz, G., Hoekstra, M.
Conference/JournalJournal of Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification
Date3 Jul 2018
Grid refinement studies are performed in sets of geometrically similar structured grids, permitting an unambiguous definition of the typical cell size, using double precision and an iterative convergence criterion that guarantees a numerical error dominated by the discretization error. For each case, different grid sets with the same number of cells but different near-wall spacings are used to generate a data set that allows more than one estimation of the numerical uncertainty for similar grid densities. The selected flow quantities include functional (integral), surface, and local flow quantities, namely, drag/resistance and lift coefficients; skin friction and pressure coefficients at the wall; and mean velocity components and eddy viscosity at specified locations in the boundary-layer region. An extra set of grids significantly more refined than those proposed for the estimation of the numerical uncertainty is generated for each test case. Using power law extrapolations, these extra solutions are used to obtain an approximation of the exact solution that allows the assessment of the performance of the numerical uncertainty estimations performed for the basis data set. However, it must be stated that with grids up to 2.5 (plate) and 8.46 (airfoil) million cells in two dimensions, the asymptotic range is not attained for many of the selected flow quantities. All this data is available online to the community.


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