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A benchmark program for comparing hydrodynamic forces obtained from simulations and captive tests

AuthorsFerrari, V., Quadvlieg, F.H.H.A.
Conference/Journal2nd International Conference on Maritime Engineering and Technology (MARTECH 2014), Lisbon, Portugal
Date15 Oct 2014
The purpose of this paper is to present a benchmark program for comparing hydrodynamic coefficients calculated by manoeuvring prediction software with measurements taken from model tests. For every ship that is to be tested an input file must be provided, containing the main particulars and information on the propulsion and steering system, together with an offset file describing her geometry. The experimental data as well should be set-up in an input file. The benchmark automatically creates input files for the chosen manoeuvring software, runs the software and manages the output files. It reads from these outputs, collects the model test measurements and plots the results. Some test-cases are presented in the paper, showing the potentialities and flexibility of the benchmark. To this purpose a manoeuvring prediction program is used as example and its theory briefly explained. Its simulations are then compared with the benchmark of experimental data.


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Victor Ferrari

Team Leader Cruise & Ferry | Senior Project Manager Manoeuvring

Frans Quadvlieg

Senior Project Manager

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