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WINDLASS delivers grip on ships in ports

Nov 29 2022
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On October 18 the participants of WINDLASS joint the final on-line meeting on this Joint Industry Project focussing on the wind loads on high windage vessels in ports. After 3-years of full-scale measurements, advanced CFD studies and comprehensive software development, the 25 organisations teamed up to discuss the ins and outs of the WINDLASS tool. This laptop tool is now available for computing windloads on vessels in ports including their drift angles, tug boat requirements and mooring line loads.
First focus of the JIP was on the wind conditons in port areas. For this purpose wind fields at terminals in storm conditions were measured by a 3-D laser scanner developed in the Ports of Rotterdam, Amstedam, Hamburg and Antwerp. In two cases drift angles of passing vessels were monitored and in three cases motions and line loads of moored vessel were recorded.

Wind vector plots were derived from the measured radial wind velocities to be compared with CFD-LES finecastings and results from advanced CFD RANS calculations to investigate the effects of the port geometry including buildings, container stacks and cranes. Measured line loads wer compared with results from Dynamic Mooring Analysis.
For present day sized container ships, cruise vesels and LNG-carriers wind load distributions were analysed and wind load coefficients derived. These were then used in the development of a practical computation tool for wind loads on ships. In the ‘building block’ approach not only the vessel geometry can be tailored but also the port geometry and possible neighbouring vessels can be modelled and their effects on the windloads accounted for. Finally the application software computes the drift anlges, tug power required to berth the vessel and the mooring line loads that can be expected in a given win condition. The Windlass Tool was extensively tested and compared to CFD and DMA results before release to all 25 participating organisations.

The WINDLASS JIP was closed in October 2022. For more information:

WINDLASS Tool Development