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TO2 Impact Report 2021

Dec 14 2021
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The Applied Research Organizations (TO2), TNO, WUR, Deltares, NLR and MARIN, today publish their Impact Report 2021. The magazine, which was created in close collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, shows how their research and solutions contribute to a sustainable, clean, healthy and safe future for the Netherlands. An important part of that research is funded by the government, and the TO2 institutions involved are proud to show in this accessible magazine what results have been achieved.

The Impact Report 2021 is focussing on different themes: Energy transition and sustainability, Agricultural water and food, Health and care and Safety.

The Impact Reports can be downloaded below in both Dutch and English. Visit for previous editions and more information.
TO2 Impact Report 2021

'A floating island is future-proof'

Within the theme 'Energy transition and sustainability' a consortium of four TO2 institutes MARIN, TNO, Deltares and WUR are exploring the solution of a combination of a partially permanent and partially floating island. Floating offshore islands can provide a solution for storage, energy processing and maintenance of wind farms situated far off the coast. But this is difficult in the North Sea where the sea is rough with a lot of swell. The possible solution lies in a combination of permanent and floating islands situated close to the wind farms.

Read all about it in the TO2 Impact Report 2021.