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SuperYacht Times | Model testing: What is it and why is it important?

Dec 10 2021
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There are a myriad of tests and evaluations that go into the production of superyachts and many of them go on behind the scenes. We are so accustomed to seeing the finished masterpiece, that it is easy to forget about the science, experimentation and testing that ensures yachts stay afloat and are safe and stable for those onboard.

While specifications, calculations and analytics contribute to yacht stability, many superyacht shipyards and product designers turn to physical and visible model testing to attain the best results. What exactly is model testing and how is it important to the yachting industry? SuperYacht Times spoke to the team at Quantum Marine Stabilizers, one of the industry's top innovators in marine stabilisation, and to the independent testing facilities, the minds behind the model testing, to find out a bit more about the process.

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