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October 19, Online inauguration of The Atmosphere

Sep 24 2020
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MARIN will officially open its new test facility on October 19: The Atmosphere. Within this unique facility we can independently control and monitor the ullage pressure, temperature, humidity and gas composition while circulating gases and liquids in a controlled manner. We are pleased to announce that Eppo Bruins (Member of Parliament for the ChristenUnie) will perform the inauguration ceremony together with Bas Buchner (general director MARIN). This inauguration will of course be accompanied by a live tour of The Atmosphere!

Register to join this special event on October 19, 2020 from 11:00 to 12:00.

The Atmosphere

The ATM was developed in the Perspective program SLING which is funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO), Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences and the LNG industry. In SLING, we aim at disentangling the physics involved during wave impacts in order to give insight into the biases that arise when predicting impact loads in sloshing model tests. It is precisely in this spirit, that we expose waves in the ATM to extreme conditions of our control parameters–we can even investigate phase transition effects!
The autoclave of the ATM (15 m length, 2.5 m in diameter) is equipped with various windows that allows us to visualize wave impacts with high-speed imaging and measure accurately their impact loads with 100 pressure sensors which are installed at the impacting wall. In the video below you can see a high-speed recording of a breaking wave for different values of the ullage pressure.