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New surf-riding & broaching jip

Jan 29 2021
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When sailing in following seas, difficulty in steering and keeping the desired course is not uncommon. In many normal operative conditions, this difficulty results in moderate motions well manageable by the crew. However, in rough seas, poor course-keeping can lead to dangerous dynamic instabilities. Events as surf-riding and broaching are likely to happen in following seas, and they are responsible of severe and sudden losses of control that put at risk the safety of the ship.

A Joint Industry Project (JIP) is proposed to study this problem, with the aim of finding operative and design solutions to mitigate and assess the risk connected to surf-riding and broaching. The research is intended to take place at MARIN, which is one of the few research institutes in the world that allows extensive model testing in following seas.


  • Univocal definition of surf-riding and broaching. Direct on-field experience and observations of ship operators would be helpful to enrich theoretical descriptions of the problem with practical knowledge. By this addition, it would also be possible to define robust criteria and prediction tools ultimately useful to optimise the design of vessels prone to dynamic instability in following seas.
  • Mitigation of risk. Several parameters play a role in the occurrence of surf-riding and broaching-to: model experiments can highlight reliably the most important ones and how they affect the ship behaviour.
  • Assessment of risk. This project will put into practice the guidelines developed by the International Maritime Organization through the Second Generation Intact Stability Criteria (IMO SGISC). The knowledge acquired by the application of IMO SGISC would help the participants towards compliant and safer ships.


The project is envisaged to run for 1 to 1.5 years. The proposed Joint Industry Project is open for all interested parties. In view of the challenges to be addressed, the project is expected to be of most interest to Passenger vessel designers, navies, shipyards, ship owners and classification societies.

Read the leaflet or contact Christian Lena | + 31 629 70 18 27 | or Matteo Bonci | + 31 317 49 32 23 |