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NAVAIS: Model Based Systems Engineering in a shipbuilding environment

Feb 26 2021
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Thursday 11th of February the first in a series of webinars was hosted by the NAVAIS project. In this first webinar, an audience of almost 100 participants was informed about the latest developments on how to apply Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) in a shipbuilding environment. Three presenters highlighted why and how the NAVAIS project is bringing the MBSE approach to shipbuilding.

Jeroen Pruijn of Delft University of Technology explained why MBSE, or a modular and flexible design approach can be beneficial to the design of small series of vessels like the passenger ferries and workboats. Jorinus Kalis of Damen highlighted the impact of MBSE on the business processes of a shipyard, helping Damen move from either a conventional “Engineer to Order” or “Sell from Stock” to a flexible yet cost effective “Assemble to Order” business model. Emilie Lenglet and Thibault Colas of Dassault Systèmes demonstrated how the 3DEXPERIENCE software can be used to support this engineering approach with some examples developed in the NAVAIS project.

In the coming weeks, two more webinars and one discussion session with Small- and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will be held.
  • The 18th February session will focus on the design and engineering aspects and how to integrate innovative emission reduction technologies, both as developed in the NAVAIS project and a presentation by the related TrAM project, also funded under the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union.
  • A third session on the 11th of March will address the ship production impacts of the NAVAIS methods and an inspirational example from the civil construction sector.
  • A fourth session on the 18th of March will be focussed on a discussion with the SME stakeholders on the impact and opportunities of this new approach to shipbuilding on the supply chain of shipyards.

Registration is still possible through this link.