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Measuring 3D wind fields at the speed of light

Nov 16 2020
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Meet the latest addition to our quiver of wind measurement devices: the Windcube 200s lidar wind scanner. This device is capable to scan a wind field at large distances at different points in space, enabling a 3D volume measurements of all wind components.

Future applications

The video showcases its first application in IJmuiden for the Windlass JIP to assess the wind load on moored ships. Since this week, the Windcube is deployed for this project at a terminal in Rotterdam, overseeing the wind field over the container stacks toward moored ships.

Future applications will see the Windcube deployed from ships in operation, enabling an unprecedented view of the undisturbed free stream wind profile. This will greatly enhance the fidelity of any real-world vessel performance evaluation. The new generation of wind-assistance solutions for ships can benefit from these hi-fidelity data of the wind conditions in which they generate their thrust.

For more information contact our expert Gijs Struijk or visit our website for an overview of our measurement techniques.

Windcube in Rotterdam at one of the main terminals