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MARIN's Human Factor in 'How to build it' magazine

Mar 30 2023
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'How to build it' was invited to visit MARIN's new Seven Oceans Simulator Centre including Fast Full Mission Bridge facilities, Compact Manoeuvring Simulators and a Fast Small Ship Simulator (FSSS).

“We don’t just play around with scale models in big swimming pools all day,” says Enrico Della Valentina, team leader of MARIN’s yacht division. “We want to bridge the gap between design and operation. So we have the software tools, simulators and measurement techniques to reliably predict not only performance in the design phases, but also to optimise the subsequent operation of the ship or structure, including the Human Factor".

“The human factor is usually decisive in high-risk situations and is an important research area for us.”

The visit included a try-out of the FSSS which was originally set up to resolve a specific problem faced by Dutch Special Forces using high-speed craft. “These boats need to reach their target as quickly as possible in all sea conditions and the onboard teams have to arrive in one piece,” says Marta Ibarrondo, Project Manager Maritime Operations at MARIN. “The problem was that they were getting thrown around and injured because of the very high accelerations and G forces. Our job was to reduce the likelihood of injury by simulating the kind of conditions they might come across.”

Due for completion in 2024 , the SOSC will contain moving simulators, a VR/AR experience room and human-factor monitoring equipment that simulate complex maritime operations. The spherical simulators will be unique because advanced visualisation environments can be projected 360-degrees around the users, but also upwards and downwards for a full-immersion experience.

'How to build' is a publication of Superyacht times.