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MARIN opens 2nd USA office in Chesapeake Bay area

Oct 8 2018
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MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) has a long relationship with Naval and Ship Design Activity in the United States of America. To strengthen the relation with our clients in this field, MARIN has decided to open an office in the Chesapeake Bay area in addition to its office in Houston (which has been serving the US market since 1998). Both offices provide MARIN’s services and advice locally, and are envisioned as a bridge to the research, researchers, and facilities in the Netherlands. This will also strengthen the cooperation in maritime research between the USA and the Netherlands.

In the Chesapeake Bay Office, MARIN will be represented by Dr. Piotr Bandyk, a Naval Architect and PhD from Michigan. Dr. Bandyk and MARIN already have an extensive history, as he has been very active in the Cooperative Research Ships (CRS) as a researcher and Chairman in his former position at Leonardo/DRS Advanced Marine Technology Center (AMTC). Dr. Bandyk decided to take this position after some discussion with MARIN's President, Dr. Bas Buchner, and other senior personnel. They discovered a common passion and synergy in the specialized field of marine hydrodynamics, with emphases on sharing expertise and fundamental research, and decided to make this link between MARIN and the Chesapeake region.

MARIN invites any interested parties/companies to contact us directly with questions, looking to expand our base of clients and collaborators.

The Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) was founded in 1932 and is presently the largest independent maritime research institute in the world. It employs 400 people in its offices in the Netherlands and operates 6 large model testing facilities, 2 large bridge simulators and a number of tug stations. Since 1998, MARIN has an office in Houston to serve the local clients with third party verifications and design optimization studies using in-house developed software and a nautical bridge simulator.