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MARIN nominated for Maritime KVNR Shipping Award and Maritime Design Award

Sep 29 2022
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We are proud and happy to be nominated for both the Maritime KVNR Shipping Award and the Maritime Design Award 2022.
Watch the nominee videos below. We will know more on Monday 7 November, during the Maritime Awards Gala!

Maritime KVNR Shipping Award: Maritime Crash Barriers
A group of 20 experts from MARIN and the wider maritime sector developed and tested this innovative barrier aimed at averting collisions between ships and wind turbines. According to the jury, this hands-on innovation by MARIN and the offshore sector is: 'an initiative with which MARIN has proactively and positively stimulated the discussion about how to better safeguard safety in the North Sea.' Watch the video to see how it works. For more information: Yvonne Koldenhof
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Maritime Design Award: Grey-Box Modelling (GBM) methodology
Kirsten Odendaal, Project Manager Ships, has shown that advanced data science techniques can improve ship energy predictions. This novel Grey-Box Modelling (GBM) methodology combines physics and data-driven modelling advantages to overcome both individual solution’s apparent drawbacks. This combination provides an innovative approach which can, when properly developed, increase model extrapolation, interpretability and accuracy. It can become a powerful tool for either explorative design or optimization studies. While such approaches are already familiar within the aerospace and automotive industry, the maritime industry has yet to find an explicit adoption of machine learning within existing development and design frameworks. Therefore, this research provides a technically feasible solution for future implementation. For more information: Kirsten Odendaal
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VIDEO Maritime Crash Barriers
VIDEO Grey-Box Modelling (GBM) methodology