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Join our demo on Sustainable fish farming, March 16

Mar 9 2021
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In 2021 MARIN’s Blue Growth programme focusses on the technical feasibility of fish farming in offshore wind parks. With this technical research initiative we stimulate broad research on the feasibility of fish farming in offshore wind parks. March 15-17 we will perform scale model tests in our Offshore Basin. Those who are interested are welcome to attend and participate in our online demonstration.

Fish farm constructions
The demonstration tests will be performed at model scale in our Offshore Basin. A fish farm construction within an offshore wind park will be represented. We will represent both open as well as closed containment systems under the influence of current, waves and wind. In order to assess the technical integrity we will measure the environmental and structural loads and deformations of the fish farm construction.

Multidisciplinary research
With these model tests we stimulate multidisciplinary research with additional partners. The multidisciplinary research will consist of a broad range of relevant topics, such as ecology, biology, the business case, fisheries, regulations and culture. We encourage and invite interested parties to join us in further research on this topic.
Interested? Please contact: Jorrit-Jan Serraris, 0317 49 32 99 | or Floor Spaargaren, 0317 49 33 54 |

Online demonstration
The model tests will take place from 15 until 17 March 2021. Due to COVID-19 restrictions live attendance is not possible. As an alternative we host an online digital demonstration on March 16 from 4 until 5pm CET. This event is open for registration through