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IWSA Open letter release for shipping decarbonisation

Mar 26 2021
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Over 90 maritime corporations, shipowners, designers and technology providers all involved with wind propulsion have come together to release this open letter, calling for all maritime industry decision-makers and the entire shipping community to fully assess and utilise all available power solutions that deliver the necessary deep, swift cuts in carbon emissions over the next decade commensurate with responding to the climate emergency. To that end, readily available and proven wind propulsion solutions must be integrated at the very heart of decarbonisation deliberations, which is currently not the case.

Multi-stakeholder working group

This is a critical time for all political, financial and corporate leaders to take decarbonisation seriously and the letter calls for establishing a multi-stakeholder International Working Group to evaluate and quantify wind propulsion’s potential, to launch a comprehensive Strategic Review of shipping industry decarbonisation efforts in the context of the climate emergency. It asks to ensure a ‘level playing field’ is created and maintained for all power systems and to do more and go beyond the current narrow fuel-centric approach. For more information visit or contact Rogier Eggers.