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GROW-to-Go podcast | The double bubble keeping sea life out of trouble

Oct 26 2021
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GROW's new feature is called GROW-to-GO, a podcast magazine about offshore wind innovations. The series provides a glimpse into the research executed within the GROW cooperation network and the passion of the people that help to shape the future of offshore wind. In each edition, David de Jager, director of GROW, visits a project coordinator or researcher and has a lively conversation about the project, the results, how they came up with the idea and much more.

Bubbles curtains

MARIN as a GROW member is proud to kick off this first edition of the GROW-to-GO. Listen to Linda Kemp, project manager Offshore, explaining how bubbles can prevent wind turbine installation noise that harms sea life.
MARIN GROW-to-Go podcast on Bubbles