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capturing your future bridge concept in user requirements

Jun 24 2020
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In many large tender processes it is vital to have well-defined User Requirements which reflect the need for the customer unambiguously to get the best value for money. Capturing ship bridge functionality and design in requirements is an ultimate challenge since it covers a huge variation of factors such as bridge layout, system functionality, user interface, alerting schemes etc. Especially when new ways of operating in future concept of operations or simply new, non-existent functionality is concerned, it is not only about capturing the right User Requirements but also defining human – machine interaction requirements. MARIN can support you in defining the right requirements in your tender process.

MARIN can support you in defining the operational needs as basis for well-defined SMART User Requirements. We can create future operation scenarios allowing to derive User Requirements based on rapid prototyping techniques, end user experimentation and validation in a simulated environment. MARIN has various simulators allowing a wide range of operational scenarios.

For more information read the leaflet or contact Maritime Operations.