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CRS SHARE Webinar ‘Green Water’

Dec 7 2021
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The Cooperative Research Ships is a unique community of 24 maritime organizations working together in real Public-Private Partnership. CRS started in 1969 with the intention to obtain general data about the hydrodynamics and related problems of large and high-powered ships. Today the research carried out by the CRS focusses on hydrodynamics, structural and related problems of all kind of ship types from a fundamental, design and operational perspective.

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Green Water | Monday 20 December 2021, 15:00-17:30 CEST

The CRS Green Water working group focussed on the prediction of green water loads on sailing ships. Two important elements were studied: the prediction of the occurrence and statistics of the events, and the detailed calculation of the loads in the identified events. Both elements are required in order to obtain green water design loads. This work is presently continued in the SCREAM working group (SCReening for Extremes And Maxima in waves).


FPSO operator’s view on green water
Stefan Nienaber and Jeroen van der Cammen, Bluewater

Screening quality index for green water
Louis Diebold, Bureau Veritas

Comparison screening tools for green water loads on a containership
Sanne van Essen, MARIN / TU Delft

Green water CFD calculations based on screening results
Joop Helder, MARIN

CRS Green water