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Come work at MARIN and join our mission

May 20 2022
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Working at MARIN means working at a globally recognised top institute for maritime research. And you will be working on our key objective: to make shipping clean, smart and safe.


If you want to join our mission, a fascinating world with more than 400 colleagues stands ready to welcome you. We’re looking for talent of all kinds in a wide range of areas: thinkers and pragmatists, all-rounders and specialists, recent graduates and experts; from a vocational background (MBO) through to university graduates.

We’re looking for project engineers and project managers to supervise projects for our international clients. Researchers to deepen and renew our scientific capability. IT-specialists to manage and secure our systems, networks and data. And for software engineers and VR and AR wizards to create unique opportunities for the brand-new simulations centre we are currently building. We’re looking for electrotechnicians to keep our test facilities and simulators state of the art and for clever colleagues with technical insight to build our scale models or fit them with measuring equipment. And, last but not least, we’re seeking a range of professionals in facility support, human resources, communications, secretarial support and finance to keep things running smoothly.


  • You’ll be working for a globally recognised top institution in the field of maritime research
  • You’ll be given huge freedom to put good ideas into practice
  • You’ll join pioneers in creating ambitious innovations for the maritime sector
  • You’ll be actively contributing to clean, smart and safe shipping and sustainable oceans
  • You’ll gain every opportunity to grow in the areas that interest you
  • You’ll be working in an open and accessible organisation with colleagues that are happy to help you


Find out what makes working at MARIN so interesting and have a look at our vacancies.

Marino Nieuwhof | senior project manager ships

‘I manage projects from the customer’s initial request right through to final delivery. Many of those projects are aimed at developing an efficient hull design and propulsion system suited to the vessel in question. Optimalisations like these are always challenging, because every vessel design is different. My colleagues and I regularly have to test in our basins whether the design performs as it should. That’s always a tense moment. I’m always happy when we come up with a good design for the client that can be immediately implemented for the ship. As such my job isn’t confined to just managing projects; I’m also concerned with their substance. And that’s what makes this job so interesting and satisfying. Plus, I like the working atmosphere and openness at MARIN. Everyone pulls together to deliver quality for our clients.’