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Bollard Pull JIP launches International standard for bollard pull trials after 3 years of research

Apr 14 2020
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The bollard pull certificate plays an important role in the delivery and commercial deployment of tugs. Although tugs have been around for a long time, a uniform standard for the conduct, measurement and analysis of a bollard pull trial has so far not been available. Yards, owners and classification societies all use different trial procedures with varying levels of detail (some incorporate correction factors to deal with non-ideal environmental conditions), and some describe trial requirements that strongly contradict other procedures.

With the objective of creating a scientifically based transparent and unified bollard pull trial procedure, MARIN initiated the Joint Industry Project ‘Bollard pull JIP’. Stakeholders in the maritime towing industry were approached to join the project and share their knowledge and experience in bollard pull trials. In November 2015 the BP-JIP kicked off, with 31 companies participating.

Over the past three years, 16 factors affecting the bollard pull performance of tugs were investigated in significant detail. Model tests, CFD calculations and systematic full scale validation campaigns on nine tugs and five types of load cells were conducted to understand the behaviour of the tug in bollard pull conditions and the sensitivity of load cells. Based on the research conducted, a list of requirements and procedures was developed, leading to the recommended ‘International Standard for Bollard Pull Trials’.

The BP-JIP trial standard has been reviewed and evaluated on numerous vessels by the JIP participants over the past months, and is now released in public domain. The standard allows a level playing field in the certification of tugs, and ensures that the reported bollard pull figure represents the realistic performance of the vessel that can be met in service conditions at an acceptable level of accuracy. The standard has been presented at the Tugnology Conference in 2019 and ITS Conference in 2020 via two papers.

The standard as well as the Tugnology 2019 paper can be downloaded below.
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