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50th Anniversary of CRS (Cooperative Research Ships)

Jun 14 2019
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Public-Private Partnership (PPS) is popular nowadays. But it often means a lot of talking, paperwork and complex governance.

CRS is different. For 50 years now, 20-25 maritime organisations perform research in the maritime field together for a yearly budget of around € 1.5 million euros. Typically 10 working groups investigate topics that are of common interest to its members. CRS brings together shipyards, ship owners, navies, equipment suppliers, classification societies and research organisations. All just based on a gentlemen’s agreement (the ‘CRS Guidelines’) and joint decision making at the Open Meeting and Annual General Meeting. A lean organisation to stimulate complex research.

The CRS is real cooperative research. Members are not just paying their yearly fee: they are expected to participate in the research work itself. So all the CRS members perform tasks in research projects, be active in working groups and form a network of specialists. An open network, where even competitors are willing to share knowledge and experience.

For its members CRS provides a maritime knowledge base, practical tools and improved insight into design aspects and operational performance. Some topics from recent projects are: manoeuvring in waves, green water dynamics, onboard noise and vibrations, fuel saving devices, added resistance in waves, dynamic stability.

Over the years CRS has become a unique community, in which sharing and cooperation are normal. It has created friendships based on the large and long standing commitment of the people and companies involved.

The cooperation in CRS is essential to make ships cleaner, safer, smarter and more efficient. In that respect, CRS is the perfect Public-Private Partnership!

Facts & figures
Presently 23 CRS members: shipyards, ship owners, navies,
Equipment suppliers, class societies and research organisations
A yearly budget of € 1,5 million
On average 14 parallel projects
150 People involved
120 Completed projects
2000 Technical reports

Video: Projects ( and people (

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