safety assessment

What are the risks of a new LNG terminal on the overall safety in a port? What are the safety consequences of using hydrogen for the propulsion of vessels? What is the impact of new offshore windfarms on the safety of shipping? To answer these questions we follow the Formal Safety Assessment (FSA) methodology. This is a rational and systematic process for assessing risks and to evaluate mitigating measures.

As part of a FSA we use our software tool SAMSON. Input of SAMSON is a traffic database of shipping activities in the area. SAMSON includes accident frequency models for collision, grounding, fire/explosions, contacts etc. to determine the accident frequencies. It also includes impact modules for assessing the consequences of the accidents. An example of such a model is MARCOL. With MARCOL we compute the damage to the cargo tank as a result of a collision. MARIN has set up risk models and executed risk assessments for ports in The Netherlands, Canada, Spain, France, Belgium, Malta and more.


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Yvonne Koldenhof

Senior Project Manager/Teamleader