Accident investigation

Maritime accidents often have a huge impact on society. They can result in loss of life or serious damage to the environment. A dramatic example is the capsizing of the South Korean ferry Sewol where 304 students lost their lives.

Simulations and model tests

MARIN has the capabilities to reconstruct accidents like these through simulations and model tests. A thorough reconstruction is possible when all available data regarding the circumstances of the accident are available (for example VDR, Voice Data Recorder). In addition our Human Factor team can determine which factors contributed to the incident.

In some cases, like with the Sewol, the investigation consists of a series of model tests to be able to model the hydrodynamic characteristics in our simulation models. Also unique in this project was a detailed model of the vessel and its interior. This made it possible to simulate the flooding of the vessel on model scale and to study a number of flooding scenario’s.


Contact person photo

Dimitri van Heel

Senior Project Manager/Teamleider

Hans Huisman

Teamleader Human Factors

sewol ferry Turning and heeling
Sewol ferry flooding and sinking