MARIN in the media

MARIN is committed to reach its goal: the development of cleaner, safer and smarter ships and sustainable use of the sea. Therefore we are always like to share our research on socially important topics. Read, watch and listen to a selection of MARIN in the media.

Here we share a selection of articles, radio and TV broadcasts of English language media .
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GROW-to-go podcast | bubbles keeping sea life out of trouble

2021 - Offshore wind installations might be a wonderful solution to a serious problem for humans, the underwater sea life may now be negatively impacted instead. Linda Kemp, project manager at MARIN shows how bubbles can prevent wind turbine installation noise that harms sea life.

Het klokhuis | the floating future

2021 - Living and working in the middle of the sea, on a floating island, in the future, that might be quite common. But what if it storms, won't it bob up and down too much? And, even more important, won't it float away?! And how do you generate electricity yourself, and what do you eat on a floating island? Het Klokhuis figured it all out.


2020 - In this podcast several scientists give their point of view. Listen to MARIN's Frans Hendrik Lafeber who is focussing on measuring underwater radiated noise caused by shipping and who explains how new ship designs might quieten things down (18:07 - 23:41)


2020 - Rory Jackson looks at MARIN's newest vehicle, the mAUV (modular AUV), has been designed to carry out research in its inhouse model basins into the capabilities of underwater vehicle autonomy and
control systems.

Mechanical engineering | building cities on the sea

2020 - For island nations facing rising ocean levels, very large floating structures may be the wave of the future. Olaf Waals, a naval architect and engineer for MARIN, has produced what is arguably the first piece of solid technology that would make up the ground level of an ocean floating municipality of whatever size.

TOTAL | managing lng transfer between two vessels

2019 - TOTAL used MARIN's real-time simulator to acquire know-how on how to transfer LNG from a non-turret FLNG moored offshore to a combined LNG carrier to. Read the article and watch the video.


2017 - 14 long years after the MV Derbyshire went down in 1980, the families of the dead launched an intensive quest for answers. What the investigation uncovers not only clears the crew of blame, it also reveals a shocking problem that’s putting other lives at risk. At that time MARIN helped by simulating this dramatic event in their test basin with a model of the Derbyshire bulk cargo carrier.
This docudrama of Discovery Canada unravels the mystery behind this devastating deep-sea disaster in modern history (MARIN: 35:54 - 40:21).